About Us

We are a young magazine that covers everything that happens in Second Life, http://www.secondlife.com. We write stories about places, clubs, lifestyle, fashion designers, scripters, builders and interesting people. We have also opinion articles and we are all SL residents, so we know, from different points of view, a lot of things that will be interesting for our readers and we will help you to enjoy the most of your SL experience.

As any free magazine, we exist thanks to advertising, that’s why we take it very seriously, we give our customers a complete experience, from publishing publicity on our issues and website to help them to have a better understanding on how to market an SL business.

We launch an article a month, you can find several kiosks online and on our website.
We have a presence on Facebook and Instagram as well, I hope that you enjoy our articles.

Below, you will find the information about all that we make Second Life Times Magazine for you, with professionalism, passion and love.

Nadia Love – Owner – Chief Editor
From Nuenos Aires, Argentina to the world.
I have been in SL for a lifetime. I will do my
best to feed you with great information
about this amazing world through this magazine.
Shesanenigma Resident – Writer
SL always offers a beautiful new sim to
explore, a myriad of things you can
become, and a creative outlet to express yourself.
SL is a place where I can let my own creative mind
loose & watch it come to life.
I look forward to discovering new places, meeting
new people & having fun!
Girasolmx – Writer
I’m a Latin girl returning to SL after four years of
absence and partnered for the first time.
I love to explore and get to know what goes
around in this world.
Music, movies, art and dance enlighten my life.
Luigi Kariunga – Writer
I’m Portuguese, been around since 2009,
but haven’t done anything.
However I have a few things to share. Expect
something fun from my articles.
See you on the next issue!